Friends of Lake Sammamish State Park is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting, enhancing and promoting Lake Sammamish State Park. We were formed in 2013 as a way for the park users and the community to improve the communication among people interested in improving this jewel of a park in a growing urban area.

Our Mission

To Support, Enhance and Promote Lake Sammamish State Park

In support of, and in cooperation with, the Washington State Parks Commission (WSPC), Friends of Lake Sammamish State Park will work, to create, maintain, and celebrate a highly successful park, including:

Promotion of and advocacy for:
• Implementation of improvements, consistent with the park’s Redevelopment and Restoration Concept Plan or the most current park master plan
• A wide variety of year-round uses, current and new
• Active and passive education opportunities – historical, environmental, and cultural, etc.
• Park events
• Broad community involvement and investment
• Donations and sponsorships
• Volunteer efforts

Improving and/or expanding:
• Park visitation
• Conditions of the grounds and amenities
• Visitor experiences
• Environmental conditions and natural resources
• Park-generated revenue
• Recreation opportunities
• Communication with the local and regional community

Board Members

John Sherwin, President
Chris Kovac, Vice President
Norah Carse, Secretary and Events Committee Chair
David Bush, Treasurer
Jim Berry, Fundraising
Debbie Berto, Communications and Celebrations Committee Chair
Nancy Davidson
Joe Forkner, Membership Chair
Kit Ledbetter
Sean McLellan
Bill Way


“Create a park for the 21st Century that will be an innovative model for the State’s diverse system of recreational, cultural, historical, and natural sites. Lake Sammamish State Park will be Washington’s signature park for protecting and celebrating urban natural areas, showcasing regionally significant wetlands and wildlife habitat, while enriching the lives of visitors and providing a valued legacy to future generations.”


Valued Legacy: Lake Sammamish State Park will draw a large clientele of individuals, families and groups through the creation of a park that models and demonstrates sustainability and natural area restoration.

The park will provide a wide diversity of recreational experiences ranging from quiet and contemplative to highly interactive and organized.

Park development and operation will have passive and organized active learning components focused on the theme of preserving wildlife and the natural state of the land by reducing human impacts, celebrating the park’s history, and restoring areas that have been degraded.

The park will welcome and be accessible to people of all means to enjoy, enrich, and celebrate their lives.

Park development and operation will create a dependable income stream including earned revenue, outside grant funding, and private donations that contribute to the park’s vision.

Natural areas – restored and enhanced to their optimal state – will interweave with developed areas to create passive and active opportunities for learning and enjoyment. The park will benefit from community partnerships to help protect and enhance its natural areas and wildlife habitat.

Park development and operation will foster an exemplary architectural and landscape legacy, demonstrating leading edge sustainable design and deep respect for the natural environment.

The park will enhance the quality of life for regional visitors and park neighbors, providing high-quality recreation opportunities and natural areas while exceeding local and regional planning goals and regulations.

The Friends of Lake Sammamish State Park is currently gathering interested people who are willing to help make Lake Sammamish State Park a vibrant asset to the area. Please Join Us today!