Salmon SEEson is NOW!

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Salmon SEEson is NOW!

Salmon SEEson is well underway as salmon return to Issaquah Creek, passing right through the heart of Lake Sammamish State Park.  

Lake Sammamish State Park has an excellent public viewing area for salmon and wildlife habitat.  The outlet from Issaquah Creek feeds into Lake Sammamish at a peninsula in the park.  A boardwalk built through wetlands along the creek gives access to the mouth of the creek.  Interpretive panels at the start of the boardwalk add to the educational experience.  

The opportunity to see most species continues through November. The best viewing locations at Lake Sammamish State Park are from the bridge crossing Issaquah Creek, along the boardwalk through the wetlands and at the end of the boardwalk where the creek flows into Lake Sammamish.  Murky water after heavy rainfall can limit viewing. Flyers and educational brochures are posted at the Sunset Beach Bathhouse.  

Issaquah Creek continues south to the Issaquah Fish Hatchery where salmon can be seen climbing the fish ladder and in the viewing windows.